Shaw email outgoing server for mac

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Mail settings you might need from your email provider

Type your name in the "Name" field. Type your password in the "Password" field. Tip These steps also apply to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Warning You may not be able to use your existing Shaw email password with the Mobile Access feature.

If your password is too simple, the Shaw webmail page displays an error message when you click the "Save" button. Increase the complexity of your password and try again. References 3 Shaw Internet: Setting Up and Troubleshooting Mail. Resources 1 Shaw: Webmail Beta.

Shaw Webmail Settings For Mac

Click here for full instructions for setting up an Exchange account in Windows 10 Mail. Understanding Shaw Webmail. Back to Top. Which Email Setup is Right for Me? There are three different ways you can set up your Shaw email account on your device or email client. The full and detailed instructions for each account type are outlined below.


IMAP is the recommended alternative in these cases. IMAP is the preferred email setup method for Shaw email accounts. Outlook Review the setup instructions for Windows Mail for further details on which server settings to use. Windows Live Mail Review the setup instructions for Mac Mail for further details on which server settings to use. Apple OS X Mail.

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If you are able to open up an Internet browser and navigate the web, then you are likely connected to the internet. If you are not online, then you will need to troubleshoot your Internet connection before you are able to use your email client properly. Confirm that you are able to log on to your shaw. If you are not able to do this, then it is possible that your password has been changed, or that your email account has been suspended. Please contact Shaw Support for further assistance with this.

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Check the Outbox folder in your email client. If you have any emails currently pending being sent please delete them or drag the emails into the Drafts folder. Then try resending a new email with no attachments.

Email server settings: POP and IMAP

If successful, it is likely that the email you were previously trying to send was corrupted due to attachment size or a bad recipient e. Temporarily disable your Antivirus program and then try sending a message again.

How to Set up Shaw Webmail on iOS devices - Shaw Support

Occasionally, antivirus settings can be too strict and may prevent you from sending emails. Confirm your server settings by following the directions for your email client, listed below. If no accounts exist then you may need to set up your Shaw account within your email client. Click on the Servers tab and then confirm the following information: