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You have been warned. When cloning is complete, power off your Mac Mini and install SSD as 2nd drive using detail instructions found online see link above. Step 5. Restart the Mac Mini while holding down Option key. This will allow you to boot from the new SSD drive. The original drive can be kept for a while as a security that the new SSD is functioning exactly as the original drive.

Later it can be reformated and repurposed as a back up destination or extra storage. Tools and software you will need for option 2: Option 3. Fresh install easiest but takes longer than cloning because you are reinstalling everything! A fresh install is recommended if you already have backups of your files e. Time Machine or you think your computer is compromised by viruses or malware. Or maybe it is time for a fresh start.

It ensures nothing is carried over from the old hard drive. Step 1b. Read our blog on creating a Mavericks usb drive Step 2. Power off your Mac Mini Step 3.

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On connecting your previous home folder to the new mac, I recommend the following procedure and you are ready to rumble. You will need to simply login to your legacy account. I recommend creating a two user accounts on the new mini, a secondary admin account and a primary one with exact same legacy username and password you always used on the mini.

These next steps are considered advanced by Apple but all you are really doing is linking up your main user account to the new system. Right-click over the legacy account to get the advanced options. Advanced Options. I have used this advanced feature for about 5 years on an iMac, I set it up the one time as I am suggesting here and it has since seen Software Updates and Upgrades, software installations of all kinds and over the years it has worked without a single related hitch, everything just works as expected.

There is nothing advanced here in my opinion, not for the purpose you are seeking and that I already use. The screenshot is from my MBA so it doesn't reflect this but if you need I can send you a screenshot from the iMac which has an internal SSD and a 2TB rotational drive, hence my need to use this method myself.


Assuming we are talking about the new Mac mini, this I would put the operating system on the internal storage, as it will most likely be the fastest storage and the operating system as well as your vanilla home folder should not take up too much space. Then assuming pictures, music, videos are the really big files, use the associated app to specify that your libraries are on the external storage. You can find articles via Google on how to move those libraries to an external drive and then tell the related app how to use those external libraries. If there is a home folder sub-folder that is not controlled by one of the apps, but has a large amount of storage in it, then move the files to an external device, and then Google creating a Symbolic Link aka symlink from your home folder to the external device.

If for your original question about a GB drive. If that drive is a rotating hard disk, then using an external SSD will most likely be faster. Its like Apple thinks they can put anything in a box, price it anywhere they want and the Apple retards will blindly pay. Wake up people. Have you seen the Mac Pro? This is the unkindest cut of all. No eSata still. What planet are these people from? And I came across a problem: The Mac Mini gets stuck when it tries to reboot.

Did you ever come across this?

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I use the female-female adapter from cpustuff. The thing I like most about my Mac is it just works… unlike my PC. I guess paying a premium for good hardware and software is worth it. Just saw those little hooks away and try. The problem will be locking the connector in place.

How to use a SSD to speed up your Mac Mini

It glides easy on but also from the board. We still Sell the Bracket if anyone need to do the Mod. Any idea where to source replacement connectors e. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Toggle navigation. Blog Software About.

Choose your SSD size

Apple Cube Biohazard graphics card mod. That was exactly the info I was searching for!

Upgrading New 2014/ 2015 Mac Mini to SSD (Solid State Drive)

Totally awesome!!!!! Just out of curiosity, where did you purchase the Pleiades enclosure???? Nice work Andre. Lara Boons.

Just wondering, how much would I have to pay you to mod a new mac mini for me? Just curious! Hello, I was wonder if anyone knows were to buy a cable like: With these will be easy to hack the mac mini: I am running Leopard No other drives except the internal DVD. Hello stwoods, First of all, The mac-mini can boot from E-sata you build, but the harddisk must first spinning and powered on in the external case.

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Third, maybe change the boot-order in the system panel Lara Boons. Next is replacing the Core Solo 1. Hello, Thanks for this how to.

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  • Somebody can help me? Good luck to everyone else who wants to give this a try. Couple of thoughts, questions… etc. And lose all portability? Just that one problem with rebooting…. Great hack! I just bought a mini for my HDTV, refurbished prev. Bot Mac Fanbot. Could you use this cable in place of the clipped board connector? Thanks in advance. Thoughts on the Mac Mini Apple Knacks. Does anyone know if the ATA controller card supports port multiplication?

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