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Who Invented the Internet? Fixed bugs When starting a drag from Witgui to the Finder, the drag image disappears and the system remains responsive. Renamed games are correctly updated inside the app. Partition names are correctly displayed in the Format panel. Other minor bugs fixed. Games on WBFS partitions can be correctly verified. The table columns are sortable again.

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New icon display mode along the already known list mode. Conversion to.


The details popover is automatically updated when the selected game changes inside the same window. Fixed bugs The database window can be opened again. Updates A custom format can be chosen when exporting a game list to txt or html exporting to html no longer requires each cover being downloaded again. Added option for creating a parent directory with the same name when creating a file. A notification is sent on Mountain Lion after a conversion has completed. Updated some other minor issues. Added WBFS partition support for reading, adding, extracting, removing and recovering games requires privileged permissions.

Como transformar .iso a .wbfs [MAC]

After a drag has been performed, an alert is displayed if some game ids already exist with the option to skip the double entries, continue or abort. A single running conversion or either all conversions at once can be cancelled. Completed conversions can be cleared. Bugs fixed No more freezing when a lot of games are browsed.

When no internet connection can be established, instead of showing an empty space the missing cover image is set. Corrected fallback to the english cover image when no other was found for a game. Updates The preferences panel has been removed; the recurse depth option has been moved directly to the Open panel and the split option to the Convert panel, along with the output format option.

The spinning progress indicator has been removed and games are fetched incrementally. Saving and renaming of games can now be done via a token field where you can compose the new filename using some game details.

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Added a small column to the tableview that shows the miniature of the game cover. Search operations now run faster and apply by default to the title of the games; a different search context can be selected from the search field menu. Windows left open on application quit are automatically reopened on the next start and table view columns are restored as well. Version 1.

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Fixed a bug that caused NTSC covers not to be downloaded. New features You can now batch rename all currently loaded files, choosing among different naming schemes. Fixed bugs Fixed a bug that caused the cover image of a corrupt file not to be set to the standard cover-is-missing image.

Witgui, Wii game management on Mac

When deleting a game that is split up into 2 files, the second file is deleted, too a second part file has extension. New features Multiple selection allowed for starting multiple conversions the user has the ability to chose the folder where to save all selected games and the naming scheme for the created files or deleting multiple games at once.

When entering some text into the search field a bar appears just below the toolbar to select the search scope: Added two entries to the File menu which allow to jump directly to the search field and select all games in the tableview. Fixed bugs The default players column is sortable. Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the app to crash when no game cover was found.